ShadowBrook Farms A family run cattle operation.

From our home base in southwest Mississippi we carefully manage the land and our cattle in traditional, time proven ways. We focus on high-quality output, sustainability, and preserving these resources and this way of life for future generations.

preserving resources

About Us

ShadowBrook Farms is family run cow/calf operation located in southwest Mississippi.

Our family grew up on a small piece of land that someone long before us called “ShadowBrook”. The woods and fields and streams of that place shaped who we are today and they shape how we approach our cattle operation.

We strive to be students of this business. We are always listening to the best operators, the best teachers, and even the land itself. We want to continually learn the best ways to raise cattle in southwest Mississippi.

Our family is grateful to be a part of Mississippi’s rich agricultural history. We look forward to sharing our farm with you some day

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